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Low Profile Skid Steer Buckets
High Visibility W/O Reduced Capacity Skid Plate At Bottom Of End Plate To Reduce Wear And Increase Strength

Description Product Number List Price
60 Inch LPSSBA00775 $1035.00
66 Inch LPSSBA00795 $1060.00
72 Inch LPSSBA00820 $1095.00
78 Inch LPSSBA00860 $1145.00
84 Inch LPSSBA00900 $1200.00

Clear View Skid Steer Bucket
Cutting Edge Visible By The Operator

Extra Large Capacity With Great Visibility

Description Product Number List Price
60 Inch CVSSBA00985 $1315.00
66 Inch CVSSBA01020 $1360.00
72 Inch CVSSBA01065 $1420.00
78 Inch CVSSBA01100 $1465.00
84 Inch CVSSBA001125 $1500.00
96 Inch CVSSBA001210 $1615.00
108 Inch CVSSBA001285 $1715.00
Extra Capacity Skid Steer Buckets
24 " Tall, 40" Deep, 84" Wide

Description Product Number List Price
Approx. 1 3/4 yd-- 84 Inch XCSSB8401255 $1675.00
Approx. 2 yd-- 96 Inch XCSSB9601390 $1855.00